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Anytone company. 84 6% off 6% off previous price £196. Anytone 878 DMR Talkgroup Hack This works with the Anytone 878 and probably 868 DMR radios and is a simple way to direct enter any talk group into the keypad and minimize the need for an extensive code plug. RO : Aceasta nu este pagina oficiala a producatorului. Buy DMR walkie talkie need to pay attention to update: 2017-06-05 6051. About Anytone Net . VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with 1. Main unit and microphone key lock function. I could be wrong, that's just a hunch. 1. I had no trouble pairing it to my Jabra Elite Active 75T earbuds and could use my earbuds for Receive or Transmit; the AnyTone has the ability to adjust Mic gain for Bluetooth, so you don’t come in too loud or softly. Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China Anytone Mobile Radios: AT-588 Single Band: AT-5189 Single Band: AT-5888UV Dual Band: AT-5888UV III Tri-Band: Details coming soon: Details coming soon: Click for Details: Three Band Transmit 144 -- 220 -- 440: Receive Range (FM) 220-260, 350-400, 400-490 M . Every order is greatly appreciated and we strive to provide the best in radio quality. Anytone isn't on a path towards that goal. 00. $ 814. We can also supply it with the PMR446 enabled for transmit as well as receive. Rwb tell the devil im gettin there as fast as i can,r. Anytone AT-5555N Export Modification How to enable the export function on the new Anytone Putting into export mode is a solder job. The Anytone AT-D578UV is equipped with a GPS receiver, the position data can be transmitted by radio (DMR-APRS and FM-APRS). 405M Hz. In Stock and shipping now, limited number available! "The 878UVII is now my favorite radio. AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus . The full color TFT display is bright and easy to read and can be dimmed if needed. Massive Memory: 4,000 Memory Channels, 10,000 DMR Talk Groups, 500,000 Digital Contacts, 250 zones, up to 250 channels per zone. Powerwerx who developed the radio with Anytone and is the NA . 99. 95 inc VAT. Our company is implementing comprehensive and thorough management. They seem to have been very well received though. Reactions: Rwb. Reply. Anyway the main question is not 868 vs 878 but anytone vs ailunce. Anytone Net The PRN system is a fully digital repeater system that utilizes an ETSI Standard called Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR. CPS Version 1. If you must have a radio then the Anytone 878 really is a good radio, excellent battery life but code plugs are a real pain and you're better off to program in a local repeater and just use a hotspot if you travel to save endless days of programming for each repeater. AnyTone Tech Distributor / Reseller Application Thank you for your interest in wanting to become an 'Authorized Reseller' for AnyTone Tech. We offer Apple's iPod/iPhone, mobile phone, laptop and solar power chargers, as well as AC/DC power adapters. Posted date: July 12, 2020 in: Review. Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co. But even on the Monday after, the so . FM Broadcast receive. Feel free to call the city yourself and inquire about "AnyTone Tech", call 605-983-5251 and ask for Sue, the director of finance. Everything you need to know about the licensing process for analogue, digital and community radio stations. AnyTone 868 / 878 Programming Guide V1. BTECH DMR-6×2 and Anytone AT-D868UV, Side by Side. In Russia, Taiwan registered admissibility . Anytone AT-D878UVII v2. While companies like Baofeng have found great success in mass producing the lowest-cost entry level UHF/VHF radios, QX-Tele’s strong suite appears to be selling a higher quality radio that’s still at a lower cost than comparable ICOM/Yaesu/Kenwood/Motorola models, yet a little more expensive than . 2019 China Sourcing Fair AsiaWorld-Expo. 33 If you have an AnyTone 868 or 878, we have a gem for you. Dual Band Mobile CS800D - Digital. Anytone 878 Codeplugs. ANYTONE. 0 is Now Available! [ N3FJP LOG] April 01, 2022 No comments “Hi All, Just a quick note to let you know that…ARRL International . Close. FCC Certified. The speaker mic that comes with the mobile radio feels great to use, comfortably fitting in the palm of your hand for ease of use and convenient communication. ANILE-8R; NSTIG-8R; OBLTR-8R; TERMN-8R; Accessories; Solution . ,Ltd. Anytone AT-D578UV III Pro Review. Ltd was set up in 2000. 10 CPS1. Everything else (hardware wise) should be the same. Contact Arlington, South Dakota. 1) you could actually import the Baofeng image into your downloaded AT-778UV data and then upload the result back into the AT-778UV. When our company was being established our founder made a promise to God that if God would prosper our business he . Shenzhen Anytone Technology Co. is a high-tech company with more than 20 years built-up experience of research, production and sales in the wireless communication equipment industry. B-Tech is (I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong) a subsidiary of Baofeng, a company well known for bad QC. New AT-D878UV11 Plus model includes DMR Roaming, faster processor and larger memory for future enhancements. Condition. 2017. INTRODUCTION OF THE AnyTone DMR DIGITAL/ANALOG VHF AND UHF RADIO. It is all how you set the mode. Finally, finding the software for this radio is more of a challenge than it should be, and we can’t imagine why it isn’t prominently displayed on the AnyTone site. Radio operators can set a frequency and transmit parameters as usual, instead of accessing pre-programmed memory channels only. We do our best to be accurate, but if you've spotted something wrong or incomplete, please let us know! Manuals, diagrams and brochu . Tri-Band Mobi . Posted by. It has worked flawlessly with stock mic, power mic, 5/8-wave Sirio in the mobile and my dipole at home at all power rates. News. Historic price. . Sort By: Anytone AT-778UV 2M/70CM Mobile Ham Radio 25 Watt 250 Ch. The D868UV implement true VFO operations. I recently bought the Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld Commercial Radio with GPS, APRS RX/TX and Bluetooth. 136-174 & 220-225 & 400-520 MHz RX & TX. DETERMINING FIRMWARE VERSION. Sort by. 95 4" screen £79. net Web site. Despite a few flaws, the AT-778UV is the best compact two-way radio that you’ll find in its . The Anytone D868UV is a handheld portable radio for DMR digital radio (compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and 2) and traditional FM. Price $389. You can find everything your heart desires at the best prices at Anytone Tech all year round, but you should keep your eyes open at the end of November! Because then the Black Friday Anytone Tech promotions start, which overshadow all previous discounts in 2022. NSTIG-8R. looking for the schematic diagrams for the anytone at-6666 /ss-9900 any one have it? even emailed anytone,crt, and the maker in china no reply got low audio out . Anytone manufactures and sells mobile power resources based on lithium ion batteries for a full spectrum of products, including mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, MP4s, PMPs, PDAs, solar and digital applications. Forward modulation on . Anytone by contrast is well loved by many hams for it's robust build quality, bright screen, (relatively) easy navigation, and extremely loud speaker. Reactions: rabbiporkchop. August 18, 2015 No comm . Output Power: 50 Watts(VHF )/40 Watts (UHF) Frequency Range:VHF 136 - 174 MHz /UHF 400 - 490 MHz. These estimates are based on the following prices: Year. Jan 18, 2007 1,830 756 123 pennsylvania. SKU: ANYTONE AT779 Categories: Amateur Radio, Mobile Transceivers Feature: 70Mhz (4m) Brand: AnyTone Awaiting Stock. As with all DMR radios, the Anytone radios have to be connected to a computer for programming, both for updating the firmware to fix bugs and enable features, and for configuring the radio itself . Connect Systems. Mirfield Electronics Chaos Cottage Otley Road, Bingley. They were able to cram a whole heck of a lot into small little chasis. Jun 28, 2016 #68 w9cll said: Have you purchased from there? . $ 269. 200 Memory Channels. com offers 1,728 anytone cb radios products. Many of Anytone’s products are said to generate 4-7 times more power than the original OEM battery’s capacity. com Web: mirfield-electronics. Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China Tel:+86-595-22656925 Tel:+86-595-22656926 Fax:+86-595-22656927 Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China E-mail: ken6833@qxdz. AnyTone Tech is a different type of company. Anytone Tech is NOT Anytone. AnyTone Tech is located in Arlington, South Dakota on the convergence of Hwy-14 and Hwy-81. APO . ANI function (DTMF/ANI,5-Tone/ANI)PTT ID. Anytone ham radio equipment. Company History; Letter From the President; Contact Us; World Wide Distributor; Buy Products Online SOFTWARE AND FIRMWARE FOR CS700/CS701. 05 Firmware Version 2. , ltd. Would I be able to program in their system in a code plug on my Anytone just to receive? I think it uses 2 freqs and has about 7 talk groups. About Anytone. Price $39. Model affected changed from AT-778UV to Anytone AT-778UV. Posted date: July 22, 2019 in: VHF. etc. It works with you local hotspot or local repeater frequencies. Atlas Communications SA - Via Motta 5, 6828 Balerna (CH) - Tel:+41 91 683 01 40/41 - Fax:+41 91 683 01 42 - Contact us - Via Motta 5, 6828 Balerna (CH) - Tel:+41 91 683 01 Anytone at-5555 or at-6666 cb radio,am fm ssb Mobile Radio Two Way Radio. Anytone AT-588UV AT-5888UV Dual Band Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Radio Two Way Radio. I can say, so far, very happy. With the use of independent development of ERP . · 3y · edited 3y. Chinese Dual Band Mobile Radio. 2) the fact that you can't get anything from the radio points to a cable / driver / connector . Anytone brand warmly welcome and popular in oversea market,Importer and distributor for Anytone all over the world . I emailed Ed Griffin at Wouxun. Post by dt307 » 21 Nov 2015, 17:18. Both the Anytone 5555, and 6666 have SSB. The AnyTone AT-D878UV GPS DMR/Analog Radio is an incredible choice if you are looking for a technologically advanced radio filled with plenty of nice and cool features, including Bluetooth, durable structure, multiple DMR IDs, and roaming capability, making it a perfect solution for a hassle-free and easy means of communication. AnyTone AT-779UV Features. If it were up to me, I'd get the Anytone cause they seem to update the firmware more regularly. A. 77 inch color TFT display Bluetooth and GPS. stokes@hotmail. Jerry Wanger ; President (818) 889-0503 [email protected] [email protected] Erin Williams . Company registration number: 9643616. Employment law gives employees basic protections against being penalised for being, or not being, members of a trade union. 25W 200CH Dual Band VHF/UHF 136-174MHz / 400-480MHz Veh . ENG:This is not the official website of the manufacturer AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO ($399. com aims to become the most comprehensive reference guide for ham radio equipment. Returns policy. Company News. By simonthewizard April 30, 2019 10 metre devices 10m 11 metres 11M 12/24v option 27MHZ AM AM CB RADIO AM Mode anytone Anytone AT-500M ASQ cb funk cb radio cb radio belarus cb radio england cb radio europe cb radio germany c . GRE America. You’ll also find the latest radio broadcasting updates, as well as information on radio station formats and Radio Restricted Service Licences (RSLs). We have 40 models available for you to choose from. 44 Inch TFT display. CB Radio This is very nice mode with the TFT LCD display ,multi-perspective and wireless microphone will be option (Android cellphone App) DMR Products This is traditional solution, support DMR or dPMR 6. SOLD OUT. (Lesson #2 ) Determining firmware version of AT-D868UV and AT-D878UV. ANYTONE trademark is registered in mainland China, Taiwan, the US, Europe and Russia, and receives considerable high reputation. Anytone AT-D878UV11 PLUS BLUETOOTH Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld Commercial Radio with Roaming and GPS VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with 1. Stones River Amateur Radio Club. Whilst all these clones likely start off life on the same production line, at some point, they must go their seperate ways, not least to have different decals attached to . Programming Cable: Includes USB Programming Cable, free software available for download. February 8 , 2019. ANYTONE-AT-000588-UHF. Quick look. Curriculum. Apply for a radio broadcast licence. It's a great radio, and go me it's an easy choice. ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons, Staines, Surrey UK. VHF/UHF DUAL BAND DMR HANDHELD RADIO WITH BLUETOOTH AND GPS. The wording seems to imply that they are only intended for radios bought from them, but they are completely generic and will work on any 878. Add to cart. Anytone AT-779UV (GMRS) Baofeng UV-5R Series (BFF8, GT3, etc) Baofeng UV-6R. If they include a custom welcome screen, such as their company logo, their firmware is still the same, only the welcome screen is changed. I purchased my Anytone AT-578 from Powerwerx along with a power supply. There is no US distributor for Anytone radios. rabbiporkchop Sr. Quick shop. Bear in mind that what you are comparing is the Anytone AT-5555 spec on the Nevada site, with the MAAS DX-5000 spec on the Knights site. We ask that you submit in detail your company's information by completing the following questions; this . I gave it 4 stars because there are no adjust pots inside to control AM modulation and FM deviation. 98 Save: $80. SKU: CYR010230010R. 615MHz-30. I also download my updates for Firmware and Software on this site. Thank you very much for choosing our Anytone Digital DMR and Analog mobile two way radio. AT-D878 UVII: same as AT-D878UV Plus , but provided with APRS® function “automatically supported by GPS” and “manual RX only”. us (distributor for Anytone radios), and this is his response to my inquiry: I don't know anything about that company or their radios. Anytone 3208. I have the Anytone 3318UV-D dual band and 3318UV-E tri-band, they both do full duplex and cross band repeat where the 398UVD is not advertised as being a cross band repeater. We are halfway between Seattle, WA and New York City, NY - in the heartland of the Midwest. the connections by my ANYTONE 878 MEGA Guide for amateur-radio now over 650 pages . 250 Zones, 250 Channels per Zone. If it is second-hand DMR walkie-talkie, buyers should pay attention! Becau . So it would be conceivable to use the device both in a professional company radio environment and later with a different ID in amateur radio. Frequency coverage 140-174 / 400 . Our main markets are South America, Asia and the Middle East . 105MHz Citizens Band)Station. anytone. Qixiang Anytone company could not have timed the release of this unit any better. The dual band version is FCC Part 90 certified. Hudson Valley Digital Network. AnyTone AT-D878UV 4000CH 3100mAh GPS 2 Band DMR/Analog UHF/VHF Two Way Radio Kit. 3,083 likes · 20 talking about this. The radio has been certified by FCC under Part 90 standards and offers 4,000 Channels, 10,000 Digital Talk Groups with 200,000 Contacts. Specializes in producing and marketing professional FM radios, with marine radio, CB radio, mobile radio, transciever, interphone, walkie talkie, 2 way radio, two way radio, portable radio etc. £ 169. It's perfect for commercial & amateur radio applications. Submitted by. Shenzhen Anytone Technology has seven years' experience in producing chargers. AT-578UV Operating Manual. Radios. , Ltd was founded in January 1993, and is locate in Quanzhou in China. With that said, I had been hearing more and more about a relatively new CB radio made by a company called AnyTone and finally decided to give it a try. FYI the Alinco DMR HT is OEM'd by AnyTone. level 2. :9E28 Back: NEW DMR Digital Radio with Bluetooth is launched in May . All products must get approval of sample reliability and shipment test. The company has a 6-year experience in mobile booster sales having started its work as an official representative of AnyTone brand. $ 314. Anytone Tech (separate unregistered company or DBA using Anytone's trademark) is marketing them as such but the manufacturer, I'm guessing, was unaware they were being marketed the way they were, with improper labeling. Choose the software linked below that matches your radio manufacturer and model number. AT-588 Mobile Radio has nice housing, stoutness & stability, advanced and reliable functions, perfect& valuable. It's a decent radio. The Anytone AT-D878UV is equipped with a GPS receiver, the position data can be transmitted by radio. 00 range. 95 Quad/dual band colinears, QYT KT8900D 2/70 mobile/base NanoVNA 2. About. If the radio is on scan and you want to adjust the volume, the radio must first be taken out . AnyTone AT588. Quick View. It operates much the same way as the handheld - very easy to use. It seems that the 878 pcb is marked 868v2 when opened up. A hotspot is essential with DMR in my opinion and the Openspot 3 is worth every penny, battery life is around 8 hrs too and it . View full details. Qixiang invests over 10% of annual r . Anytone at-6666 v3 | Page 6 | WorldwideDX Radio Forum. Since then the major aim of the company has been the introduction of innovative technologies and a customer-oriented approach. Nagoya NA-701C 8in Commercial (155/455MHz) Antenna. However, there are a ton of Anytone AT-778UV accessories available. Unlike many other DMR radios, the AT-D578UV has a true VFO , which makes it operationally much closer to the amateur radio style: you can vary the frequency and all other parameters as in a traditional radio instead of using only pre . As for not being Anytone radios, are you saying that some company is using the Anytone name, logo and FCC TA without Anytone's knowledge or consent? That really is a bit far fetched . The UK leading Supplier and Distributor of Communications Equipment. Tel86-595-22656925 . ”. Add to Cart; ×. Next: 2018 Annual Celebrating . 95 £ 149. Moonraker has been selling Amateur, CB, Scanner, PMR and Truck products since 1978. 7. the products including handheld radio, mobile radio, CB radio, amateur radio, GSM repeater, WCDMA repeater, 3G repeater, GSM booster, 3G booster, GSM amplier. “In today’s episode, I do a side by side comparison of the BTECH DMR-6×2 dual band radio, and the Anytone AT-D868UV dual band DMR HT. The automatic tip device JUKI2050 and other sophisticated instruments are used to control the whole process. So it would be conceivable to use the device both in a professional company radio environment, later on with another ID in the amateur radio band. Show. TERA TR-7400/TR-7200 v1. Radios that are designed for everyone in mind. Fax:+86-595-22656927. $120. In this guide, it will highlight the necessary steps to programming your AnyTone Handheld radio. Anytone At-D868uv / At-D878uv DMR Users. co . To that conclusion came Hans PDØAC after reading the specs of these radios. 02. The device also has a connector for an external GPS antenna. AnyTone AT-5888UV Features: Receive Range (FM) 220-260, 350-400, 400-490 MHz AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS with Bluetooth and PTT remote. Main St Arlington, SD) is in fact, the United States Post Office in Arlington. AnyTone National Company Open Source Philips Puxing Racal RadioShack / Realistic RCA Regency RFT RME . I like the quality a lot and have found that 25 watts and a decent base antenna will get me pretty much where I want to talk. Perfect for your in-vehicle or dispatch applications. AnyTone Romania. Conclusion. After receiving the item, cancel the purchase . This code plug contains various fixes along with the Short Mountain DMR Repeater. Dual Band VHF/UHF & FM Portable Radios (Dual Watch) OBLTR-8R. Our annual sales in 2008 reached $5 million. Handheld Two Way Radio KG-T56 : What is Your Idea or Suggest . The 3318UV-D is a VHF/UHF dual band radio and the E model is tri band adding the 220MHz amateur band. Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co. by Windy_Miller » 04 Dec 2012, 16:43. OK. It is exactly the same as the 868 and so memory etc are equal. Sep 16, 2015. I have been able to set up the Anytone 878 with APRS, and even with roaming, but what I still have not managed to do . Description; More; A modern fully featured radio with a "classic" look to it. AnyTone 578 Mobile Radios. The Anytone AT-779UV dual band mobile radio is a compact 25 watt 2m & 70cm mobile radio. The microphone is simple but ergonomic with Up and Down buttons located on top. 04N. ANILE-8R. I had earlier purchased an Anytone AT-878 HT from BridgeComm and was very satisfied with that - so it was a natural to go with the 578 for use as a base station. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries,The company's own brand ANYTONE was registered in China, United States, Europe. SKU: ANYTONE AT588 Categories: Base Station Transceivers, Mobile Transceivers Feature: 70Mhz (4m) Brand: AnyTone In stock. AnyTone 8R Portable Series. AnyTone; Xiegu; BFDX; About Us. You can now help support WorldwideDX when you shop on Amazon at no additional cost to you! Simply follow this Shop on Amazon link first and a portion of any purchase is sent to WorldwideDX to help with site costs. Compander function. 29 likes. Amateur . AnyTone no doubt made this engineering decision because the real-estate on the front panel is limited (it is a small radio) but it is a pain point for me every time I want to adjust the volume (which is often) having to first press VOL, then turn the knob. CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/2 Tone/5 Tone decode and encode. Anytone 779 AT-779 New Micro-sized 70cm Mobile Radio Transceiver Brand new on to the market, this new Micro-sized 70cm mobile is so small you won’t believe how tiny it is . Or several family members share one device. Details about CB RADIO ANYTONE SMART 10M SMALL MOBILE TRANSEIVER AM FM 26. 95 Qixiang Electron Science & Technology Co. 99) Stress-Free Customer Service and Support ($100) Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group ($100) BridgeCom University AnyTone Training ($97) Bluetooth Module Built-In and External Bluetooth PPT Key ($30) Handheld Microphone with Number Keyboard ($40) Mobile Mounting Bracket and Assorted Hardware ($20) DC Cable . This radio adopts the latest advances in technology, providing reliable communication in today’s demanding communicati . Hong Kong Booth No. 25K with different software. Single Band VHF/UHF Portable Radios. AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS with Bluetooth and PTT remote. cn Company News. Wholesale anytone radio from China anytone radio Wholesalers Directory (86)1350-5020-258 Skype E-mail WeChat:103255764 . Price History Chart. We provide professional communication products and solutions to our importers and distributors. 199 programmable memorized channels Frequency Range: UHF: 400-490MHz,Various scan … AnyTone AT-779 UHF 400-490MHZ Smart . Trust the experts and browse all our products. The AnyTone radios themselves are manufactured by a company named QX-Tele based in China. Wouxun Electronics Company owns the advanced equipment, international standard production administration and completed after-sales service, in order to provide the highly cost effective radios. 4. Oct 11, 2018. Alinco or AnyTone: Alinco has 3 new radios, the DR-138 VHF and DR-438 UHF and the DR-638 dual-band radio. 37. microHAM to be Sold Exclusively in North America by DX . ANYTONE AT-588 VHF 220-260MHz CE Approval Vehicle Radio Car Radio CTCSS/DCS scan. Europe's leading Supplier and Distributor of Communications Equipment. AnyTone AT588 quantity. Last Friday when driving home from work, when I keyed up it showed SWR at 17:1 (it was 1:1 in the mobile . www. Qixiang is a high-tech corporation specialized in design, production and marketing of wireless communication equipment such as Digital and Analog Handheld Two Way Radio . AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus. I can use it for public service and ham, and be legal on both bands. Featured content. Download . Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China The AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPLUS Mobile has an array of features that make it great in form and function. CHIRP Programming Software. Forum breadcrumbs - You are here: RADARS R. Terms and conditions of the sale . Issue: I can't get the radio to TX outside of the 144Mhz to 146Mhz range on 2M, 70cm is . Crane Cobra Comet Connect Systems Daiwa Dentron Diamond Eclipse Elad Elecraft ERC GALAXY GAP Grundig Heathkit Heil Sound Hewlett Packard ICOM Jetstream Juentai k40 Kaito KENWOOD Ladder-Loc . True dual-band, dual reception. It comes factory preprogrammed with all UK repeaters (2m & 70cm), 2m Simplex channels, 70cm Simplex channels, PMR446 (receive only), and Marine Band (receive only). ALL THE OTHER VARIANTS OF . Discover Anytone Tech Black Friday Promotions. Tel: 0345 2300 599. Amateur mode and professional mode for different operation requirement. Allows you to change the band. I have found in working the menus its fairly easy to program this one from the mic. Features: 1 Big LCD which displays frequency and all kinds of information 2 DUAL-DIGITAL TUBE FOR CHANNEL DISPLAY 3 USE EL technology for backlight 4 PA,CW,AM,FM,USB,LSB mode 5 . 70 $ 142. $ 259. AnyTone Tech Two Way Radios. A very compact 15w FM transceiver for the popular 4m (70MHz) band, look at . Company History; Letter From the President; Contact Us; World Wide Distributor; Buy Products Online CONTACTS FOR CONNECT SYSTEMS INC. 8" screen £49. *ANYTONE AT-500M* Next Steps. 199 programmable memorized channels Frequency Range: UHF: 400-490MHz,Various scan. Anytone AT-5555N is the successor to the well-known design AT-5555 (ie, for example. Check out our collection of mobile radios. VHF/UHF . Furthermore, the address that I have found their website domain registered to (110 S. 18 20200416 (Size: 3. RigReference. They work for Amateaur, Comercial, Public Safety, Emergency, and General Two Way Radio uses! Quick look. Another issue this creates is when scanning. products New Products The AnyTone D868UV radio was developed to conform to the DMR Tier I and II requirements. Our Radios - AnyTone Tech. 2013 April China Sourcing Fair update: 2017-04-10 6130 China Sourcing Fair in HongKong Booth No. R. Compared with older chinese DMR radios I had used in the past (Retevis RT-3, RT-8) it's a nice step forward, not only concerning the hardware, but also the firmware (for which, as of 2018, new upgrades are available from the manufacturer very frequently). The AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS with Bluetooth is dual band & dual mode. Do note that the codeplug version must match the version of the CPS software that you use to load it - and may also have some dependencies on the radio firmware. I have both a DMR-6X2 (D868uv clone basically) and an AnyTone D878uv. Union membership: rights of members and non-members. Add to Cart. 3″ x 1″ and weighing just shy of 15 ounces, the AnyTone Smart CB radio is without question the smallest hard mounted CB radio I have run to date. At only 4. AnyTone AT-6666 10 Meter Radio for Truck, with SSB(PEP)/FM/AM/PA Mode, High Power Output 15W AM, 45W FM, 60W SSB(PEP) Bronze/Light Grey UHF Radio 400-470MHz 4G Dual PTT HamGeek G6 Walkie Talkie 10W 5000KM w/ Earbuds Radio Programming Software. 06. D. Jun 30, 2018 3,075 3,855 273 67. 77 inch colour TFT display and GPS. 11. Hi Brian, two things. I sold a Yaesu FT-8800R to buy it, and it isn't the same radio, but it works for what I need. Atlas Communications SA - Via Motta 5, 6828 Balerna (CH) - Tel:+41 91 683 01 40/41 - Fax:+41 91 683 01 42 - Contact us - Via Motta 5, 6828 Balerna (CH) - Tel:+41 91 683 01 Anytone AT-5555 10 Meter CB Radio (25. Release Information coming soon! If you have any questions feel free to look me up on QRZ. These radios look almost exactly the same from the outside, but the programming menus are a bit different. New AT-D878UVII PLUS model with green colored top button, includes DMR Roaming, larger memory for future enhancements and storage up to 500,000 contacts. KA5PLE. ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd. AnyTone AT-5888UV Features: Receive Range (FM) 220-260, 350-400, 400-490 MHz VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with 1. , Ltd. Anytone makes several models of handheld and mobile radios and their DMR radios have become quite popular in the ham radio community, due to a combination of low price and extensive feature set. Our aim is offer best service Any time, Any where by AnyTone. Free P&P Free P&P Free P&P. Anytone AT-D878UV v1. AUGUST 14, 2015 . Mac OSX ánd Linux users aré recommended to usé a Virtual Machiné to. 95 Bluetooth unit for Anytone, TYT,Kenwood,Baofeng etc £37. Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low A-Z Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling. Anytone at-5555 or at-6666 cb radio,am fm ssb Mobile Radio Two Way Radio. But it seems that they are, although the front is somewhat different, AnyTone radios. I bought the Anytone AT-D578UV PRO is both a Dual band and a Tri Band. This page is about the Anytone AT-D868UV Dualband DMR HT. I’m a rookie, but wanted all the feature so the radio would grow with me as I explore HAM radio. $139. 77 inch color TFT display. Our newsletter tells you about Specials and Close out we may be offering to only a limited amount of customers. Looking very similar in style to the old Cobra 148 . (Lesson #4 ) Determining firmware version of AT-D578UV. VHF/UHF DUAL BAND: Features both DMR digital and analog modes. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. £196. CTCSS,DCS,DTMF,2Tone,5Tone setting for each single channel. Intek HR-5500, K-PO DX-5000, CRT 6900). This amateur mobile radio especially designs for drivers and it pursues company philosophy of innovation . Along the sides of the Anytone Apollo II CB radio are 6 programmable buttons that by default will control your Power On/Off/Mute (P1), AM/FM Mode (P2), RF Gain (P3), Volume (P4) Squelch (P5) and Power (P6). Volume controls for each VFO. 965-27. AnyTone Tech is always seeking new resellers who offer exceptional customer service to their clients. Radios Pronto is a proud USA company. 99. 4,000 Channels with 10,000 Talk Groups. With talk of FM coming to CB, having access to a low cost, no soldering to modify frequency expansion 10/11 meter transceiver is making the AT-500 one of the most popular radios in history. S Forum: Handheld Radios. Anytone AT-779. Add:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District,Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China QC of production: Our company have frame out canonical technics guidance, and producing in terms of schedule strictly to ensure the formality, control of sked and retroactivity of abnormal quality. Quality portable power pack for iphone/ mobile phone/ laptop for sale, portable power pack for iphone/ mobile phone/ laptop provided by China Suppliers - Shenzhen Anytone Technology Co. 11 groups fixed scrambler code plus self define scrambler code. From: Department . Anytone AT-5555 10 Meter CB Radio (25. Anytone AT-5555 V6 10/11 Metre Multimode Mobile Transceiver SIMILAR TO INTEK HR5500 & CRT6900 SUPERSTAR 690010m 28 to 29. BD16 3AY United Kingdom Tel: 0044 7825549430 email martin. Description. VAT number: GB 172247317. ANYTONE 878 UV + Anytone AT-D878UV Digital DMR Dual-band Handheld Commercial Radio with Roaming and GPS Technical Specifications: Roaming:New Built-in Roaming FeatureAPRS (GPS):DMR-APRS and Analog APRS Capable (GPS)Processor:Faster Processor over the D868UVAdditional Memory:Larger Memory for Future EnhancementsTFT Display:Background Display and Font Colors are User changeableDigital Monitor . co. AnyTone AT-5555N II 10 Meter Radio for Truck, with CTCSS/DCS Function, High . 165 to 28. P. 7 MHz and 25. 878 CODE PLUG V13. 6cm x 15. The Anytone D868UV comes with 4000 memories . 6 MB). 84 previous price £196. View This Item. 50w VHF, 45w UHF, 10w 220 MHz. Band Change Software for Firmware Version 1. anytone 6666 / ss9900 service manual or diagrams wanted. Price $25. Platform changed from Windows to All. 99 Wilkes Communications. They took the best parts of the 878 added a few featur. Our Software is designed for Windows Operating Systems. Archived. 0 software for programming (for prior to 8-1-13 production unit). uk Anytone ATD578 PLUS 2 £319. Cheap mobile radio walkie talkie Anytone AT-6666 10 meter cb radio That's a big walkie talkie. 05 and 1. Sold as a 10 meter radio . 1″ x 4. HOME; 2-way Radios. Anytone AT-D878UV Plus DMR Hand held (Needs Prog). ARRL International Digital Contest Log 1. Antenna. It will handle calls from digital DMR & analog in the VHF (2m) & UHF (70cm) bands, it has 3100mAh battery, GPS and programming cable. The AT-D578UV is a . We carry out . Anytone AT-5555N is equipped with effective noise filters: noise blanker (NB), and automatic noise limiter (ANL). 7 MHz as standard, press 2 buttons on front of the radio and switch between 28 to 29. #1. AnyTone 578 Mobile Review in QST Magazine. Newsletter Subscription | Recent News. Tel:+86-595-22656925 / 22656926. Dual Band VHF/UHF & FM Portable Radios (Dual Watch) 23 GMRS Channels, 5 MURS, and NOAA Radio. Hong Kong update: 2019-03-29 6845. AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS Version 1 with programming cable, GPS, And 3100mAh Battery. 03 . 15W 70Mhz FM Mobile Transceiver. AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV / AT-D878UVII Battery + Belt Clip. The company’s power sources support some of the . Anytone AT-D578UV Pro/Plus v1. Ultra-compact Anytone Apollo 2. The AnyTone D868UV is a duoband handheld transceiver for DMR (digital voice) and analog FM. . Anytone 878 Dual Channel Display? General. Baofeng F8HP 8W Tri-Power. 59. Or several family members share a device. 7cm x 4. 15N. CB Radio 27MHz; Handheld Radio Single ba . Look up radio station details. What do you need to pay attention to before buying a DMR walkie talkie? 1, new or secondhand. That's about as shady as getting a Chineese company to manufacture radios for you. TERA TR-590. bwilkes@wilkescomms. com support@anytonetech. The USB Driver and read/write communication works fine in both directions. I just want to rx at home and not tx. For these, and many other reasons, AnyTone has quickly gained popularity on the world market and has become widely recognized and trusted. For the money you get a great display and cool running output, good audio reports etc. It seems Btech and Anytone are the leaders in the around 99. At least that is what those who did the mod reported. Posted date: May 10, 2020 in: Review. V. 98. The AT-6666 best 10 meter cb radio is a small radio: 24. :9D16 Time:12 April,2013--15 April,2013 Products:Mobile Radio,CB Radio,Handheld Radio,Mobile Phone Repeater. I recently purchased the Anytone 5888 and am using the Wouxun/Anytone ver1. Member. March 7, 2020. AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus, Bluetooth PTT switch, and Bluetooth Jabra Elite Active 75 earbuds (the PTT switch is included with the radio, but obviously, the Jabra earbuds are not). 5 out of 5 stars 132. ABR Industries ALINCO Alpha Delta Ameritron AnyTone ARRL Astatic Astron Baofeng Baojie Bargain Basement Blackbird Borden Radio Company Buckmaster BUDWIG C. 70MHz 40W FM transceiver with DTMF Mic. ANYTONE brand awards as Fujian famous trademark,Qixiang was established distributors more than 20 . AnyTone Tech Radios are the firs radios for every user! Our radios work on Analog UHF and VHF; and GMRS and MURS. All the larger dealers, like myself, order directly from the factory and all these dealers are . Company History; Letter From the President; Contact Us; World Wide Distributor; Buy Products Online (818) 889-0503. Company Information Bond Telecom Co. It's strange that the physical location of the company "Googles" to a local Post Office and the domain name is registered to someone in Australia. DMR Tier I and Tier II operation. Now I’m suddenly seeing folks advising the programming is a nightmare. , Wessex House, Drake Avenue, Staines (Nr Heathrow), Middlesex, TW18 2AP, Tel: +44 (0)1932 567 333. The reason for not giving it . Victron Energy CYR010230010R Cyrix-ct 12/24V-230A intelligent battery combiner Retail. 18022 Delano Street Encino, CA 91316 United States of America (818) 889 0503 Our products are exported to more than 30 countries,The company's own brand ANYTONE was registered in China, United States, Europe. Anytone 3318 series. 3 years ago. AnyTone company is manufacturer of wireless communication, we produce two way radios and cell-phone repeater. When you configure it as a Tri band the Amateur 220 band is not Part 90 so then the certification does not apply. 26N. Ok, here is a fun one! I've had an AT-6666 since March and have used it at home and in my mobile. It's very common to use an aussie company for holding a domain. 36. Now it offers a rich variety of highly-effective mobile repeaters among which their own Nikrans brand devices take their important place. net. Ideal for Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, Police, Sheriff, Forestry and Security operations. 24. Major props to Trygve (pronounced TRIG-VEE) Svärd for producing this exhaustive guide. Top Selling Products. This is a demonstration of the new version of the AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS with Bluetooth and PTT remote. Anytone 5888UV TX Range Limit Problem. RQ-84 – The classic “Quad” full-size has ten elements for 10m, eight – 15 m, six – 20 m, and four full-size elements on 40m band . Specialising in new & used Ham (Amateur) Radio, Commercial Two-Way Radio, Marine & Aviation equipment. List Price $190 Price:$109. Warranty Registration. The buttons are firm to the press in a way that speaks to the quality of its craftmanship. I finally found a company selling replacement front covers. Bright chrome facia with an analogue signal meter and rotary channel change. Baofeng UV-82, 82X, 82C. We have been in this field more than 9 years. 84 6% off. 3 out of 5 stars 91. AnyTone AT-779 UHF 400-490MHZ Smart Vehicle Mouted Mobile Radio Brand new on to the market, this new Micro-sized 70cm mobile is so small you won’t believe how tiny it is . Notice: You may not use this site to facilitate the unauthorized selling of . sales@anytonetech. Connect Systems Inc. The AnyTone AT-D578UV-Plus is a two-band radio for digital DMR radio systems, compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and 2. Software. 95, ATD878UV Plus2 £179. 25 Frmware Loader Version 1. The ‘old’ Anytone AT-5555 and all its identical twins can be recognized as CB radios from miles away, but this model could fool you. Anytone Ares. a book , hi hi ! best 73 de IW2BSF - Rudy IW2BSF Tech web site : https://rodolfo-parisio. £185. Traditional FM mode is also supported. If they tell you that using officially released firmware from another dealer will "brick your radio", it is a lie. 8cm (depth x width x height, heat sink and knobs included). True Dual Band Receive. I work for a company that has a DMR MotoTRBO Cap Plus system. Anytone AT-D868UV v1. Ed GPS & Bluetooth built in. 305 or program using computer 25 to 30 MHz or buy it pre-programmedSpecification:THESE ARE THE LATEST VERSION 6 PCB AND VERSION FIRMWARE. Based on historic data, today's second-hand price of the Anytone AT-D868UV is around: USD 130. LCD brightness control. Solid die-cast alloy construction and a full 15W output ! 15W/10W/5W UHF Mobile Radio Transceiver. jimdofree. Oct 8, 2018 #13 9C1Driver said: What model radio is this thread referring to? Both the Anytone 5555, and 6666 . AnyTone AT-588U. 19 . The Anytone was the only one that 1) was Part 90 and 2) had the best reviews. com. It offers state-of-the-art performance for both digital and analog operation at both the UHF and VHF frequency band. AnyTone AT-6666 10 Meter Radio for Truck, with SSB (PEP)/FM/AM/PA . Terrified of Anytone DMR 🥴LOL. #5. Delivery time: 1-2 Days. for the following Models. The AnyTone D868UV GPS "Version 2" Dual Band radio was developed to conform to the DMR Tier I and II requirements. They work for Amateaur, Comercial, Public Safety, Emergency, and General Two Way Radio uses! ANYTONE.

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